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Our approach to serving our clients centers on three main areas of concentration: Financial Management, Tax and Accounting, and Risk Management. Combined, these services form the core of our family office offerings, which are then complemented by a full suite of additional services that may be provided based on each family's unique needs. These services include Integrated Wealth Management, Consolidated Reporting, and Entity Management.

Core Family Office Services

Financial Management Services - Expense oversight; cash flow oversight; records management and retention

With a clear understanding of your family's or business' financial management needs, our team will establish and maintain all financial and accounting statements, prepare cash flow projections and budgets to help you fully assess your income and spending requirements, and handle all of the associated administrative tasks on your behalf.

Tax and Accounting Services - Tax planning and compliance; wealth transfer and family limited partnerships; charitable planning; trust administration; private foundations

We work closely with you to offer integrated tax consultation and strategic advice, keeping you abreast of tax law changes and new tax planning opportunities as they occur. Throughout the year, we help you anticipate the tax consequences associated with various financial decisions and help you develop comprehensive tax-saving strategies.

Risk Management - Personal and business risk analysis and management; insurance oversight and analysis; insurance policy management and review

Protecting your most important interests is paramount to every service we provide at Wilmington Family Office. Our risk management services are designed to help ensure the successful continuation of your family business; preserve and enhance your wealth throughout multiple generations; maintain your financial security and that of your heirs; and protect your family's personal interests.


Additional Family Office Services

Integrated Wealth Management - Multi-generational wealth transfer; estate planning; executive benefit planning; retirement planning

With a comprehensive view of your complete financial and lifestyle requirements, we work with you to establish wealth transfer, tax minimization, and strategic financial plans and strategies to assure family continuity and governance and to address executive compensation and benefits issues.

Entity Management - Evaluation of investments, income, and cash flows; tax compliance and planning; meeting preparation and administration; financial results reporting

Upon the creation of an estate plan, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or other entity, we will provide a thorough analysis of the entity and its associated contracts and documents, gaining an in-depth understanding of its purpose and objectives. Our team will also evaluate the entity's investments, including related income and cash flows, and will develop a clear understanding of the tax considerations for each investment and financial transaction.

Consolidated Reporting - Account set-up; customized, comprehensive reports; daily activity reporting; specialized reporting for alternative investments

Through our in-house reporting systems, we provide a consolidated view of your entire financial picture - capturing information from all sources such as banks, brokers, partnerships, and others. Your unique financial statement gives you a comprehensive view of all of your holdings, such as equities, bonds, privately held investments, real estate assets, and alternative investments.

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